POV-RayTR is a script-based freeware ray-tracing program. It can be used too create fascinating and realistic three-dimensional objects and scenes. Ray-tracing is a technique used to calculate an image by tracing the way of a virtual light beam until it hits an object. This is done for every single pixel in the image.
POV-Ray is no conventional 3d-modelling software, in the sense that you could edit meshes via a GUI-interface. Modelling with POV-Ray is mainly based on CSG (constructive solid geometry) and on mathematical functions. Basically, CSG means that you can create new objects by adding or removing one object from another, as for example, when cutting a round hole into a cube with a sphere.
There are tons of very helpful tutorials, scene files and macros on the net that can help you getting started with POV-Ray and create your own interesting images and animations.

Some examples of images raytraced with POV-Ray (some of these were a little post-processed, though):


kleines animiertes gif
easter chick power - balance broken heart
house building blocks dice
house building blocks dice


Some useful POV-Ray Links:


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